Wow, 2023 brought such amazing opportunities! From getting my first TV commission on ‘River City’ (iPlayer: to becoming a BAFTA Connect member, reaching the top 3% in the BBC Writersroom Open Call with my script, ‘Sleeping Dogs’, to having my short story, ‘Nylons’ published in the last print edition of ‘Popshot’, and finally being accepted onto three different writing schemes, 2023 has been a fantastic year!

I’m thrilled to be learning so much on the London Playwrights Emerging Writers Programme, The Writers Lab UK & Europe, and Young Films Foundation YFF2023.

And Callum Balmforth’s brilliant performance in If You See My Dad… at the Barons Court Theatre, directed by Michael Gyngell, is still available to view at:

About Me

I am a screenwriter, playwright, short story and flash fiction writer.

I was selected for BBC Writersroom Voices – Scotland in 2023, and have reached the top 3% of the BBC Writersroom Open Call. I am currently on The Writers Lab UK & Europe, YFF 2023 and the London Playwrights Emerging Writers Programme. I am a BAFTA Connect member.

My short stories have been published in journals such as Mslexia, Firewords and Popshot, and I have won national competitions for short plays and flash fiction. My poetry has been broadcast on Radio 4 as part of a Woman’s Hour Poetry Competition, and I won an international haiku competition run by the journal Still.

My short play / monologue, If You See My Dad… won ‘Playclub’ run by the London Playwrights in winter 2019 and is part of ‘Scratching the Surface’ at Barons Court Theatre March 2022, directed by Michael Gyngell and produced by Kibo Productions.

Another short play, The Waiting Room, was produced by Get Over It Productions as part of ‘The Scene 2020’ at Chiswick Playhouse in January 2020, directed by Caroline O’Mahoney, while Power Cut was shortlisted by Subtext Theatre for the Earl of Derby’s New Writing Festival 2020.

What I’m Watching

Vigil 2 (BBC) – Even better than the first series! Loved this pacey thriller with Suranne Jones’s fantastically dogged detective and the contrast between her investigation in ‘Wudyan’ and Rose Leslie’s back in Scotland. Fantastic locations, brilliant performances and a script that wasn’t afraid to raise morally difficult questions.

The Lazarus Project 2 (Sky Atlantic) – More twisty-turny, mind-bending adventures through time. Who to trust? How does the knowledge of what you are capable of affect who you are? Even given the ultimate control – over time – can you ever really control your own or anyone else’s life? And once a technology has been invented, is an ‘arms race’ to weaponise it always inevitable?

Bodies (Netflix) – Another timey-wimey adventure, with a captivating premise. Any time you start thinking ‘but that means he’s his own grandfather’ just stop and enjoy the story. Great characters, fantastic actors and distinctive visuals add up to a series that makes compelling viewing.

EastEnders (BBC) – With iconic characters back on the Square, emotionally rich storylines and a classic build-up to a stormy Christmas, EE has hit its groove once again.

What I’m Reading

Antarctica by Claire Keegan – As I work my way through Keegan’s works, this collection of short stories had me on the edge of my seat as I rooted for characters who find themselves in situations and lives they didn’t expect. She writes so beautifully, in language that is precise, evocative, poetic, and which never fails to move me.

Spiderweb by Penelope Lively – With an appealingly independent older woman as its central character, this novel examines the ties we have, the ties we want, and the ties we can’t avoid. While community might pin us down, individuals will always try to assert their freedom.

Thunderclap by Laura Cumming – A stunning memoir of her father, and the Dutch art that she’s loved all her life, including the work of Fabritius, painter of the iconic ‘Goldfinch’ and tragically killed in  an explosion in Delft in 1654. One of those books that makes you look at art in a whole new way.

Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith – Highsmith is the high queen of almost unbearably tense fiction. Watching a good man being cornered into terrible acts, seeing how one bad decision can make a whole life unravel… chilling stuff, brilliantly written.